What Football Leagues And Cups Can I Bet On?

Betting on Fantasy Football: What Competitions, Leagues and Cups can I Bet on?

When it comes to betting on fantasy football most players will do best by betting on the leagues they know most about. This is especially true if they happen to be an expert in an area where there are fewer people with the same level of knowledge.

There are a number of different fantasy football betting sites out there and between them they cover a wide range of competitions, from the biggest and best football leagues and cups in the world, down to lesser events where there may be some good opportunities for the shrewder fantasy football manager.

English Premier League and Champions League

Unsurprisingly the Premier League in England and the UEFA Champions League are the two biggest competitions when it comes to betting on fantasy football and just about all Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sites will offer these competitions.

As DFS grows in the UK and becomes more popular even the smallest sites will expand the range of football events they offer betting on but for now this is probably the bare minimum you can expect, meaning loads of great action at the weekend and midweek too.

Major European Leagues and the Europa League

In addition to the two competitions above, fantasy football betting on Europe’s secondary competition, the Europa League, and major domestic European leagues such as La Liga, the Bundesliga and Serie A, is also extremely widespread. Just about any Daily Fantasy Football (DFF) site will offer contests for these competitions and certainly the best sites that we feature here all offer them.

International Games and Cups

As with the sorts of competitions mentioned above, all of the best fantasy football betting sites will also have contests for international football too. World Cup finals and Euros matches are pretty much staples, as are games from slightly less high profile tournaments such as the Copa America.

International friendlies, qualifying matches for these tournaments and the finals of women’s events are also increasingly covered, giving you a huge range of international fantasy football on which to bet.

Domestic Cups and Smaller Leagues

As if all that wasn’t enough, DFF and DFS sites such as Mondogoal also offer contests for cups such as the FA and League Cups in England and smaller leagues from around the world including the English Championship, MLS in America, the Russian and Turkish top flights, the Brasileirão in Brazil and even the Chinese Super League.

In other words, if you want to bet on fantasy football, there is pretty much always guaranteed to be some action for you to pour your eyes over and hopefully use your football expertise and fantasy knowledge to make some money.

As said, more and more leagues, cups and events are being added all the time and so daily fantasy football is only set to get better and better.

We hope that’s answered your question and if you have any more questions regarding betting on fantasy football, check out our frequently asked questions.