What Fantasy Sports Can I Bet On?

Daily Fantasy Sports: Betting on Sports Other than Football

As the name suggests, we definitely focus on betting on fantasy football here at BettingOnFantasyFootball.Com – crazy eh?! However, there are other Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) available at many of the top fantasy football sites we work with.

For most UK players, football will always be the top sport to bet on, whether that’s fantasy football or through a standard bookie, but obviously lots of football fans also follow other sports whilst some people – and I even know some – actually don’t like football at all.

Weird, I know, but nonetheless, even for those sorry souls who don’t love the beautiful game, there are plenty of other fantasy sport betting options.

US Fantasy Sports

The concept of DFS started in America and it’s no real surprise that many US sports feature. If you’re a fan of baseball, American football, ice hockey or basketball then you’ll have loads of choice, because Draft Kings and other Daily Fantasy Sports sites offer betting on the MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA.

Within all of those sports there are loads of different game types and because the seasons of those various sports overlap you pretty much have the option of betting on fantasy sport 365 days a year!

Betting on Fantasy Sports

Golf and other fantasy sports at Draft Kings

Fantasy Golf Betting

If you prefer your sport a little slower paced then betting on fantasy golf is a brilliant option. There are some truly huge golf contests with massive prizes up for grabs and although the action is obviously dependent on the schedule of the golf calendar – so chiefly Thursday to Sunday – the fact that golf is now virtually a 52-week sport means there is no shortage of tournaments to have a bet on and see if you can beat the other golf experts out there.

Other Daily Fantasy Sports

New sports and events are being added almost all the time at the various DFS sites we work with and these now include Nascar and Mixed Martial Arts. As the concept of DFS grows in the UK we would expect other sports to be added, including more UK-centred ones such as rugby and cricket. We’ll keep you posted!

Note for any other fantasy football or sports betting questions, check out our DFS FAQ.