Mondogoal Bonus and Review

Mondogoal Fantasy Football Review, Bonus and Overview

MondoGoal Fantasy Football BettingMondogoal was one of the first one day fantasy football sites to get involved with UK fans of betting on fantasy football and all in all they do a brilliant job. They have been around since 2014, which is a long time in Daily Fantasy Football terms, and are based on the Isle of Man.

They are governed by the IOM e-gaming Gambling Supervision Commission, as well as the UK Gambling Commission and these are both great assurances that your personal and financial details are safe and secure and that you will be treated fairly.

Read on as we take a look at what makes Mondogoal such a great option for betting on fantasy football, as well as giving our verdict on them and detailing the great bonus they offer for new customers.

Mondogoal: Summary and Verdict

  • Overall – 9 – Mondogoal aren’t as big as some of their Daily Fantasy Sports rivals but if you only want to bet on fantasy football they are an absolutely brilliant option and well worth checking out
  • Prizes – 7 – Mondogoal’s only real weakness is that they can’t match their biggest rivals when it comes to the biggest prizes going, although they still have some tidy cash on offer
  • Contests – 8 – they lose a mark for not offering other sports and a mark for not quite matching the likes of Draft Kings for sheer volume of contests
  • Usability – 9 – the main site at Mondogoal is really good. Simple to use and easy on the eye, playing is a doddle and it’s really easy to select your team and monitor their progress. The mobile site is just as good if not better.
  • Bonus – 9 – the generous bonus is hard to beat and although the incremental way it works takes getting used to it’s another great reason to give Mondogoal a try
  • Customer Service – 8 – very strong, all staff we have dealt with know their stuff

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Mondogoal Verdict

As we’ve already made clear, we rate Mondogoal very highly and whether you’ve never played one day fantasy football before or are a veteran who has used a rival DFF site, we’d recommend giving them a try.

They tick so many of the right boxes and are a great place for those new to betting on fantasy football as the design of the site and excellent help section make playing and learning easy.


The prizes available at Mondogoal range from nothing (not great, we admit, but at least these games are free to play!) right up to guaranteed four- and sometimes five-figure prizes. There are lots of prizes in between these, with £2 head-to-head contests and small stakes double up games too so there is good variety and some serious cash on offer.

However, Mondogoal doesn’t have the vast numbers of players that the biggest Daily Fantasy Sports sites can boast and consequently they cannot match some rivals when it comes to the biggest prizes. As playing fantasy football for money grows in the UK and in general we would expect Mondogoal to grow too, and so whilst this isn’t their strongest area right now, we expect things to improve.


The bonus at Mondogoal is right up there with the best available, however, and is worth a tidy 200% up to a maximum of £500. This is very generous and means that you get a lot of extra fantasy football – and a lot of extra chances to win – for your money.

The bonus is released incrementally, working a little like cash back on a credit card as opposed to the sort of bonus or free bet you may be used to at a regular bookie or betting site. The bonus is released at a rate of 4% of any game stakes, such that if you pay £50 to enter a contest, you’ll earn/release £2 of the pending bonus.

You can withdraw cash and winnings at any time but withdrawals whilst you still have a pending bonus (clearly shown under your main balance) will reduce the bonus by double the amount withdrawn (in line with the initial 200% bonus granted in other words).

Mondogoal Contests

Mondogoal have a nice range of contests covering all the main types of fantasy football game. This means there are plenty of freerolls, loads of head-to-heads and a good selection of 50/50 games (the Mondogoal version of a double up), as well as leagues and 5-slot and 10-slot games.

As with prizes, when it comes to the number of contests, Mondogoal isn’t right up there with the biggest one day fantasy football sites but even so, you’ll always be able to enter a suitable contest and you’ll always have a choice of a few if you like to pick your opponents wisely!

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Usability is one area where we really rate Mondogoal and both online and mobile, every aspect of playing Daily Fantasy Football is quick and easy. The site looks and feels stylish and really has been designed with the player in mind, with lots of nice touches.

When it comes to selecting your team there are several filtering options, allowing you to easily find and sort the best players, whether you want to check according to team, position or cost. These can then be further sorted by a whole host of criteria, including average points per game, total points, goals and so on.

On the mobile version of Mondogoal (there is no app but the mobile site is top class) you can achieve exactly the same functionality. Also, when it comes to monitoring how your team or teams are getting on, you can see live, in-play scores with just a couple of clicks, both on the desktop version of Mondogoal and on your mobile.

Customer Service

Lastly, should you need to contact Mondogoal, it should be noted that we rate their customer service team very highly. There are excellent help, support, rules and FAQ areas of the site that should mean getting in touch is usually unnecessary.

However, if for whatever reason you do need to speak to someone at Mondogoal, the option of live chat is a major bonus. This isn’t a 24/7 service but when it is available, waiting times are usually short and staff are superb. Alternatively you can submit a ticket, essentially using their internal message system to get an answer. Response time is good and again answers are usually efficient and thorough.

We’d like to see live chat go 24/7 and a phone or Skype option added but we suspect, once again, that these will come as the popularity of Mondogoal and betting on fantasy football grows but all in all, the customer support at Mondogoal is definitely Premier League standard.