FFFAQ (Fantasy Football Frequently Asked Questions)

Betting on Fantasy Football and Daily Fantasy Sports FAQ

Here we provide very concise answers to the most common questions people ask about Daily Fantasy Football, Daily Fantasy Sports and betting on one day fantasy football. The notion of betting on fantasy football remains quite new, especially in the UK, and if you’ve know idea what it’s all about we can hopefully answer all your questions here.

As said, the information on this page is short and sweet but most of the questions also have their own dedicated posts to provide much fuller answers so be sure to click the links if you want more information on any of the issues discussed here.


  1. What are Daily Fantasy Sports? – DSF are games that allow you to bet on fantasy football and other sports in contests that usually last just a single day. You create a team, pay a fee or bet to enter it and the top player or players win prizes ranging from football shirts to hundreds of thousands of pounds and everything in between.
  2. How do I play Daily Fantasy Football? – It’s easy! Join a cash fantasy football site such as Draft Kings, enter a team, sit back and watch the games. Read our full how to play fantasy football guide for the full lowdown with tips, strategy and game info.
  3. Can I bet on Fantasy Football? – the shortest answer is, yes but in more detail – yes, by playing Daily Fantasy Football at dedicated fantasy football betting sites such as Mondogoal or Draft Kings.
  4. Which football leagues and cups can I bet on? – You can bet on a HUGE range of events, including the Champions and Europa Leagues, top domestic European leagues and cups such as the FA Cup, Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, as well as international football and even less popular leagues such as the Chinese Super League.
  5. What fantasy sports can I bet on apart from football? – You can bet on a range of other sports as well as football, with a full list in our other fantasy sports betting feature.
  6. What different types of games are there in Daily Fantasy Football? – There are several different game types with all sorts of different entry fees and prize structures, ranging from head to heads, games where you can double your money and games where you can win many, many times what you bet.
  7. How do my players score points? – players score points in lots of different ways and it varies from site to site so check out our full list of how one day fantasy football scoring works at all the best DFF sites.
  8. Can I get a bonus when I join a DFS site? – Yes you can and we’ve got full bonus information on our dedicated fantasy sports bonuses page.
  9. Do you offer tips and strategy to help me pick my fantasy team? – We do indeed, in our Strategy section (would you believe it!)

We’ll be adding more and more articles and information on a regular basis so be sure to check back right here whenever you have a question regarding any aspect of betting on fantasy football or Daily Fantasy Sports in general.