DraftKings Bonus and Review

DraftKings Fantasy Football Review, Bonus and Overview

DraftKings is a US-based company and was one of the pioneers of what the Americans call DSF – Daily Fantasy Sports. Betting on fantasy football and other sports is a great way to make your sporting skill and knowledge pay and DraftKings offer a brilliant platform on which to do exactly that.

Founded in Boston 2012, they now boast a London office and are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission for their operation on this side of the Atlantic. They had launched in Britain early in 2016 but only really became fully active ahead of the 2016-2017 Premier League season.

In the world of betting on fantasy sports, DraftKings are king. Whether you want to play fantasy football for money or any other fantasy sport, they’ve got a great product. They are a brand you can trust and, as you will see from our review, one of the very best fantasy sport sites around!

Read on for more info on DraftKings, including their huge range of contests, well-designed site and the generous bonus they offer new customers. If you’ve ever thought about betting on fantasy football, this is a great place to start!

DraftKings: Summary and Verdict

  • Overall – 10 – when it comes to Daily Fantasy Football and DSF, DraftKings are pretty much the pinnacle and it’s easy to see why they have proved so popular in the US
  • Prizes – 9 – DraftKings offer some huge guaranteed prizes on football, although the very, very biggest ones are reserved for baseball and golf. This may change as they attract more UK players though
  • Contests – 10 – top marks here, with a huge range of contests covering loads of different sports. If you want a break from betting on football why not try golf, basketball, NFL, MMA…the list goes on!
  • Usability – 9 – DraftKings score highly here too and it’s no surprise given how long their software has been around (in the US). On desktop, iOS or Android it’s really easy to use and keeping track of your contests is a doddle
  • Bonus – 8 – as with most fantasy football betting sites, the bonus is released incrementally but a 100% bonus worth £400 is still great value
  • Customer Service – 8 – as you might expect from a US company, customer service is very good, although 24/7 support and live chat would increase this mark to a perfect 10

DraftKings Verdict

DraftKings are very hard to beat if you’re looking for a highly polished, professional DFS site to have a crack at betting on fantasy football.

They have deep pockets, bags of experience and very few weaknesses. All in all they are a great choice whether you are entirely new to the concept of betting on fantasy football or an experienced veteran.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about real money fantasy football, you’d struggle to find a better place to start so why not join today and claim your Daily Fantasy Football bonus?


The prizes at DraftKings are pretty much as good as you will find anywhere, with top guaranteed prizes worth seven figure sums. They offer a wide range of prizes in most sports with a number of free-to-enter contests that offer either small cash prizes or entrance to other contests up to some huge cash prizes covering a range of sports, leagues and events.

If you want to win real money betting on fantasy football then you’re spoilt for choice. At the time of writing the top prize on offer was worth a cool $55,000 guaranteed and this is a lot more than you will find at some smaller rivals.

With the concept of betting on fantasy football still relatively new to the UK these prizes are only set to get bigger too!


The bonus on offer at DraftKings isn’t quite as good as some other DSF and fantasy football sites. Mondogoal, for example, have an offer that’s hard to beat. Their £500, 200% bonus is clearly much better than that offered here.

However, with bonuses being released incrementally only as you play, most players will not fully gain the benefit of such a big bonus anyway. The bonus isn’t actually a huge part of the offering that fantasy football betting sites have.

The bonuses tend to be secondary to the actual games, with most people who play keen to enjoy real money fantasy football, rather than trying to take advantage of a bonus.

That explains why the DraftKings bonus may not be THE most generous around: it doesn’t have to be, simply because the games, prizes and site design are what make DraftKings so popular.

DraftKings Contests

When it comes to contests DraftKings really are as good as anyone in the business. As said, they are one of the very first DSF and DFF betting sites around. They have grown over time and have a large fan base.

At the moment most of their customers may be in the US but that gives them enough of a starting point to offer far more football contests than most of their rivals. Moreover, as they gain more and more UK customers we expect the number of contests they offer to grow even more.

That will be the case in general but more specifically when it comes to football (soccer). Even so, at the time of writing there is a great choice on both football and other sports.

All the major contest types, such as H-2-H, 50/50s, double ups, tournaments and so on are present in good number. There are also handy beginner games, freerolls, multipliers and plenty of satellite and qualifier contests too.

In short, when it comes to betting on fantasy sports, DraftKings have got every variety of contest covered in great depth. That’s why they get top marks from us!


It’s hard to find a fault with DraftKings in terms of usability and the design of their site. Whether you are accessing on your Apple phone, Android or a desktop, everything works just as it should.

Navigation is quick, simple and intuitive and even the first time you visit the DraftKings site you should be able to easily find exactly what you’re after. The lobby provides easy access to all the different contests and these can be filtered by a range of criteria.

By allowing you to order contests as you wish, selecting only the types of games you’re looking for, the DraftKings site saves you time and means frustration is avoided.

Equally selecting your side, making changes and monitoring the scores is just as straightforward and all in all we just love the site and its functionality.

Customer Service

The customer support at DraftKings is as good as you would expect from a US company. The customer is king and staff are very well trained, friendly and helpful.

We tested them on a range of questions, posing as the dumb newcomer (it didn’t take all that much pretending) and the savvy pro and they came up with the goods quickly. Answers were full, thorough and resolved the issues raised.

There are a range of contact options, including internal message, email and post (!). However, there is no UK telephone support, nor is there live chat. Moreover, customer service isn’t available 24/7 and these are areas we would like to see improved.

That said, there is a decent FAQ, as well as easy access to the rules area of the site that should mean you rarely, if ever, need to get in touch.