What are Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?

While most fantasy football games offer a jackpot, there are few regular money-making opportunities for enthusiasts in the United Kingdom who fancy their chances at turning picks into profits. Luckily, that problem may soon be a thing of the past. Daily Fantasy Sports (DSF) have made it big in the USA, and with them capturing attention across the pond, they could be the next phenomenon in British Fantasy Football circles.

Playing Fantasy Football for Cash: What are Daily Fantasy Sports?

Just like in normal fantasy football games, Daily Fantasy Sports are online matches between competitors who must build a squad using a certain amount of money. The performances of the players they select then dictate the number of points they earn. However, as the name suggests, Daily Fantasy Sports is much more short-term than traditional fantasy football.

Instead of picking a squad to last an entire season, players set up or join competitions that cover between a single day and a full week of sporting action. DSF managers select a team from a pool of players available in that time period with a fixed salary cap. The salary or value of each player is based on their performance, rather than their real-life value, so picking somebody in a hot vein of form will be costly.

Daily Fantasy Sports competitions will last for as short a time as one day of Premier League action, or a night of Champions League football, so tournaments can open, end and pay out in a matter of hours. Teams can be modified up until the event begins, meaning last-minute injury problems do not scupper competitors. The player who wins the most points on that match day or week takes the pot. Some Daily Fantasy Sports Games are free to enter, but most charge a buy-in fee. Guaranteed contests do not require a full contingent of players for the jackpot to be awarded, but Not Guaranteed games will not pay out unless they are filled.

Where can I play Daily Fantasy Sports and What Sports do They Cover?

The two main Daily Fantasy Sports competitors are Draft Kings and Fan Duel, who control almost all of the American market. Making a deposit on either site allows customers to enter any competitions hosted there. Top US sports have been given the Daily Fantasy Sports treatment, particularly American football, baseball, basketball and golf.

Draft Kings launched in the UK at the start of February 2016, with Fan Duel set to follow in its wake. Thanks to the expansion, the Premier League is now part of the Daily Fantasy Sports experience, as well as the likes of Mixed Martial Arts and eSports, and UK customers can compete with players here and in the US.

Of course, here in the UK football is going to be by far the most popular sport, be that playing fantasy football for money on the Premier League, Champions League or other big leagues and cups. DSF may have started out in America as a way to get round the country’s stricter gambling laws but there is no doubt that it will be a big hit in the UK. It combines fantasy football with betting and also offers the chance to win some huge prizes from relatively small stakes and this triple whammy is what makes it so popular.

Daily Fantasy Sports Competitions

There are a few variations of Daily Fantasy Sports competitions, all of which give players the chance to make a profit playing fantasy football online. The most common competition type is a league or tournament format, in which the participant that claims the highest points total takes the jackpot. Head to Head matches pit two customers who put up the same buy-in against each other. Winning a $1 match with Draft Kings pays out $1.80, a $50 buy-in pays out $90, and a buy-in of $10,600 gives competitors a chance to earn a cool $20,000 off as little as one night of action, with only one other player to beat. In Double Up or 50/50 competitions, participants who score a points total in the top 50% of all players earn an equal prize, doubling their money.

Why play Daily Fantasy Sports?

If you fancy yourself as a fantasy football expert, are used to topping leagues and beating friends or colleagues, or just want a more fun alternative to more mainstream sports betting, Daily Fantasy Sports give you the chance to make real money every week from fantasy football (or other sports). Stakes can be as small as £1 and the potential winnings for just one day of Fantasy Football action are decent to say the least. Competitions can turn a £5 stake into a whopping £5,000 – not bad for playing a bit of fantasy football and spending one night, rather than a whole season, waiting for your skill to pay off.

The football knowledge element of fantasy football and the thrill of winning money go hand-in-hand with Daily Fantasy Sports so why not try something new today and see what all the fuss is about?