Can I Bet on Fantasy Football?

Can I Bet on Fantasy Football and How Does it Work?

Well, the “how does it work” bit kind of gives away the answer, as does the name of the site,! But just in case, yes, yes you can bet on fantasy football. That’s the short answer but read on for more information and a brief explanation of how the concept works and how it all began.

Daily Fantasy Football

When we talk about betting on fantasy football, we don’t mean betting on made up matches or hypothetical contests, nor do we mean betting on existing fantasy football leagues, such as the official Premier League fantasy football.

What we mean is a separate entity, often called Daily Fantasy Football, or Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). As the names suggest, these contests tend to last for just a day – though some can be longer – and are held on dedicated Daily Fantasy Football sites such as Mondogoal or Draft Kings.

In essence you pick a team based on a select number of fixtures on a given day, for example four Premier League Sunday games. You can then enter your fantasy football team into one or more contests.

What About the Betting Bit?

Whilst some contests may be freerolls – that is, they are free to play – most have an entrance fee that can range from as little as £1 to more than £100. This variety of entrance fees, or bets, means that betting on fantasy football is great for small punters and also those wanting to bet large amounts.

You pay the fee, effectively placing a bet, to enter your team and then depending on the type of contest you enter you may double your money or win many times your stake, with most contests having guaranteed prizes so you know exactly what you stand to win when you enter.

Best of all, because these contests are usually daily, there is no waiting around weeks or even months to win your bet and claim your cash. Moreover, whilst normal fantasy football requires your attention for the whole season, making subs and switching formations, with Daily Fantasy Football you just pick your team and then wait for the action to start!

How did Betting on Fantasy Football Start?

You can read more about this in our Fantasy Football history feature but basically the idea of Daily Fantasy Sports started in America. It was designed as a way to get round the ludicrous anti-gambling laws that exist in America (home to Las Vegas – go figure as Americans might say!). Because fantasy football is a game of skill, as opposed to luck, it was legal in America and gave US citizens a great way to have a bet on their favourite sports.

However, it soon became apparent that betting on fantasy football was not just a gambling loophole but also great fun. It combines lots of things we love, chiefly football, fantasy football, betting and, as said, offers near-instant gratification, with results known the same day and winnings paid just as quickly!

Sounds Great! How do I Get Started?

To get involved you will need to join one of the Daily Fantasy Football providers, the best of which we provide details of on this site. Some of them offer welcome bonuses for daily fantasy football customers which means you’ll get a financial boost straightaway, and then you have every chance of making a tidy profit from betting on fantasy football!